At the age of 14 I became interested in sewing. My mother and Grandmother were both fabulous seamstresses, which inspired me.I wanted unique clothes that expressed my new emerging self. With help from my mother I started to measure, cut and sew.
   I quickly learned that the patterns sold at the fabric stores were limiting me. I had visions in my mind of amazing clothes, just how they would hang and fall and where they would hug tight. Where they would clasp and where they would slit.  I could see it!  So I struggled through teaching myself to design.  Sometimes it took many tries, many months, lots of tears, seaming ripping and re-sewing to make a piece just right, but I persevered.
   By the time I was 18 years old, I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living. I started selling up cycled clothes. Funky pieces I'd pillaged at thrift stores and altered for more style and flair. As a young adult I traveled far off the beaten path, slept under the stars, lived by the cycles of the tides, ate exotic fruits, sang foreign songs, marveled at cultural art and collected textiles wherever I wandered. 
   Influence from many cultures folded into my designs and I sold hundreds of unique pieces, all sewn by my own hands. Now, as the designer of our clothing business, Aurora, I am able to incorporate all my past learnings with all that I hold dearest in life, into each original design.
   Nature, yoga, dance, culture, movement, comfort, beauty, strength...are all woven into each fold and tuck, which turns fabric into garment, that we make to share with you! 
 Owner/Designer/Production Manager