Asymmetrical Leather Belt


This 100% Genuine Leather belt is wide in the back and tapers thin as it reaches the brass plated buckle.
Designed to be versatile, you can wear this belt high waisted, as with the High Waisted Ninja Pants or on the hips as shown with the Harem Pants.
Super soft and supple yet durable leather, this light weight belt completes any outfit without weighing you down.
Turn a casual dress into a stylish ensemble simply by adding this belt.

Small- 41 in total length
button holes start at 21 in and go to 41 in

Medium- 44 in total length
button holes start at 24 in and go to 43 in

Large- 47 in total length
button holes start at 26.5 in and go to 46 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
My new favorite belt!

I absolutely adore Aurorawear because the products are well-made and unique, and this belt is no exception! The asymmetrical style is so wonderfully unique--I love wearing it with my Aurorawear cargo pants! I was pleasantly surprised at how soft the leather is--you can literally roll it right up! Alot of belts that I have are so stiff and after wearing them for a few hrs they start to dig into my hips a bit and become uncomfortable. This one I almost forget I have it on! So glad I found this store:).

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